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Whether you want to improve your flexibility, quiet the inner voice in your head, or simply exercise intelligently, yoga is a phenomenal way to obtain both physical results and mental clarity

Yoga is a scientific practice backed by research that indicates that yoga can actually alter your brain chemistry and nerve connections (Storoni, 2015). "Yoga trains the entire circuit on two may find it easier to channel your thoughts or experiences ... this is why yoga can be effective in battling stress."

We offer different modalities within the scope of yoga, each for the unique practitioner, but all with the same intention: equanimity. See below for the different styles we offer.

By training the body and the breath to move optimally, you will feel better, move better, and become more flexible, on and off your mat!

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Therapeutic Yoga

This system of yoga sequences and mobility exercises are used to alleviate pain and discomfort in the body. With the use of props and a focus on alignment, therapeutic yoga aims to improve motor control and breathing mechanics, which directly leads to positive effects on health and mobility. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa literally means the alignment of breath with movement. Traditional vinyasa classes use sun salutations to warm up the body, standing and balancing poses to help focus on and off the mat, and seated postures that benefit hip mobility and spine health. Vinyasa flows incorporate intelligent sequences, inversions and invigorating heart openers to obtain a full body workout, paired with mindful breathing to strengthen the mind body connection. 

Corporate Yoga

Yoga for the business industry! Tired of sitting behind a screen all day? Have you noticed your posture getting worse as the day goes on? Do you have low back or neck pain? The more we sit, the glutes and everything around them, including the abdominals "forget" how to do their job and require other muscles to be recruited in order to prop up the spine and continue typing. Have you experienced discomfort in the wrists? Typing, driving, and texting can all contribute to lack of mobility. This specially sequenced class for the business executive will relieve and reverse the discomfort brought on by a perpetual poor posture. In just one session you will experience the benefits of this practice, you will build morale, and will create a welcoming and warm environment for your team to bond and connect outside of the ordinary work setting

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga, or the eight limb path, consists of a sequence of postures that enable you to get rooted, flexible, and stronger all at the same time. The primary series of Ashtanga is known for its therapeutic benefits to the physical body, purging out the impurities of the body and mind the more you progress through the series. Half primary series stops at navasana, boat pose, and concludes with the closing postures. They say if you can do Ashtanga, you can do anything!

Acro / Partner Yoga

Acro / Partner Yoga is great for partners, friends, family, and even total strangers. This style of yoga helps develop trust, strength, and communication with your partner! As you begin to trust yourself and your partner, you will realize that your perspective and approach to certain situations will begin to shift and you will be able to better confront difficult situations. Apart from the fun, innovative way to get a workout in with another person, you will both explore the benefits of thai therapeutic massage, suspension as the "flyer" and great flexibility drills as the "baser."

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