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David M. Haller

CEO, The Haller Group

Michelle gives the yoga class we all desperately need. Both Marcela and I enjoyed her fresh innovative approach. It's a unique, modern class where you work hard and get to relax!

Maria Laria

"Arrebatados" Talk Show Host

I have suffered from neck pain for more years than I care to remember, as a result of a car accident. Got used to the pain and limited range of motion. After a bad flare up, I decided to try NKT, I liked the fact that it was a gentle, non-invasive, pain free modality. Michelle was helpful beyond expectations. With a caring, professional, warm and knowledgable approach, after just three sessions I felt completely better and without pain. I would recommend Michelle's gifted and healing hands for anyone in pain!

Wow... just an amazing feeling after finishing another great yoga class with my dear friend and teacher Michelle. Thank you for always finding a way to push me into a state of joy and happiness. Thank you for supporting my practice and for your patience. 

Dr. Sandra Coiffman, PysD

Mind Spectrum Institute

David M. Haller

 The Haller Group

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