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Neurokinetic Therapy®  (NKT) is a therapeutic approach based on Motor Control Theory that uses sequenced muscle-tests and soft-tissue releases to restore pain-free movement and eliminate compensation patterns in the body. Simply put, NKT allows you to pinpoint which muscles aren’t working and then figures out why.

Motor control is the systemic regulation of movement related to the nervous system. Motor Control Theory states that the process by which humans signal and coordinate muscles and limbs involves using their brain/cognition.


To protect itself and move with ease, the body chooses the path of least resistance, on a neurological level, to pick and choose which muscles to signal to perform a movement pattern. After an injury or sustained trauma, the body will recruit different muscles to compensate for the muscles that need a break or are completely shot. Overtime, these compensatory patterns can produce pain, which may create a domino effect of chronic pain locally and then globally throughout the entire body. 

The goal of NKT is to restore healthy movement patterns, proper alignment and enhanced athletic performance by addressing the root of the dysfunction, and all the symptoms, through corrective exercises you can do at home.

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